It all began as a kid on my grandfathers Leonard Bonanno's vineyard in Etiwanda, Ca where I became curious about growing grapes, harvesting crops, etc.  My parents also had a vineyard in the same area.  As I got older the vineyard was sold and my dad purchased a farm in Sebastopol, Ca of Gravenstein Apples.  I spent my happiest times of my life on the farm.  I always had a connection to this way of life. 

In the years that followed I was side tracked in the criminal justice field but never lost my passion for farming and the great memories on the farm.  

In 1990 I started Suncoast Organic Farm where I produced row crops and vegetables on leased land.  

In 1999 I purchased a 27 acre rundown farm in Hollister.  I renovated this old farm house and some outbuildings.  I also cleared out the land of dead walnut trees.  I have always enjoyed the beauty of olive trees so I decided to plant 500 olive trees and supply them with a drip irrigation system.

In 2000 I added over 120 trees which includes many different varieties of fruit trees, a vineyard of syrah grapes, almond orchard, fresh olive trees for canning, and a few large vegetable gardens.

In 2008 we decided to renovate this 100 year old barn we had falling down.  This barn needed to be saved.  I than decided to postpone my greenhouse project to save this old barn.  We had the plans drawn to create a wood fired bakery and cooking school.  Our daughter Lisa is the baker and runs her wholesale bakery and cooking school throughout the bay area.  She sells our olive oil and over 15 different organic breads at the Mountain View Farmers market on Sundays.  She also makes other baked items such as graham crackers, croissants, and teaches wood fired baking and bread courses to Foodie Lovers around California.  Lisa, her husband David, and their son Blake Jensen spend their weekends on the farm enjoying the lifestyle I grew up loving.  I enjoy seeing that the passion of sustainable farm living is passing along to our next generation.  

I believe in the land, and in organic foods.  I believe in a sustainable farm life.  It is not easy, it takes work and dedication to this way of life.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  We share this life with our customers who I know appreciate healthy, organic food.  The people of California can see where the food they eat is grown and I know I am proud of how it is grown and produced in an organic way of living.


Gary and Marianne Miller

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It all began